richard mchorgh web design


Inertia is a Google Chrome Extension that I designed and built to replicate some of the features implemented by other Chrome extensions, namely working Google calendar and tasks integration. Inertia also features quick access to my favorite websites and in the background, is a Belgian Mini that at least I think is pretty cool.

early 2015


I love to use news aggregators to get my news. They offer an easy way to access lots of information without switching between many apps or websites. Popular examples of them include Flipboard, Medium and Feedly. My fascination for these types of apps led me to create Hans.

mid 2016

3 Sisters Catering

3 Sisters Catering is a local soul food catering business in my area. Earlier this year, I built their website. Check out their website in the link below.

early 2017

Day and Night Atelier

Day and Night Atelier is a fashion company based in Jakarta, Indonesia that I recently worked with to build a prototype for their new website. As it says in their mission, they strive to offer high fashion at a "bang for buck" price

early 2017


ShoeBuyer (I'm still uncertain on the name) is a chrome extension script that allows users to get higher in queues for purchasing rare shoes, that I formed with a friend of mine.

late 2017